Welcome to Grado, Island of the Sun

In the crystal clear Adriatic Sea you can find the island of Grado, seaside resort renowned for its beaches.

The years have transformed the small fishing town into a modern seaside resort attentive, at the same time, to the protection of the environment.

Grado is a great center of historical and artistic interest.
The historic centre of Grado coincides with the ancient castrum, that is the first urban heart of the village, with a narrow and tapered shape. It has been fortified in the early fifth century and it developed in the imperial age.
The picturesque historic centre presents a group of monuments of the highest artistic value: the Cathedral, the Basilica of S. Eufemia, the Baptistery of Santa Maria delle Grazie.

In this area, between calli and campielli, you can find many typical restaurants, where taste our cuisine and the most famous wines of Friuli.

At the edge of the historic centre you can find the marina, where the fishing boots are moored.

The Costa Azzurra beach is located between the beginning of the “diga” (sea wall) on Lungomare N. Sauro and the canal of the Fosa.

The access to the beach is free and there are both equipped areas with beach umbrellas and chairs and free areas.

It is equipped with many kiosks, restaurant, rentals of paddle boats and other boats. in the nearby via Milano and in the surrounding streets there are a lot of paid parking lots where you can park your car.

In Costa Azzurra the seabed drops rapidly, so you can swim even without going far from the shore.

The new beach promenade, very suggestive for its beautiful landscape and the new modern structure, divides the two beaches. During the summer season it offers many shows and concerts.
Although it was not built for bathing activities, it is also used for this purpose.
On the embankment you can easily settle down to sunbathe.

After the rocks water is deeper, allowing swimming and diving.

In the heart of Grado, beside the historic centre, the entire touristic centre is a pedestrian area ideal for shopping along the tree-lined avenues near the beach and the Parco delle Rose.
In this area starts the main beach of Grado.

Here you can find the spa, which enjoy a very special location.
Immersed in the greenery and a short walk form the sea, it offers a complete range of services for all needs: rehabilitation, aesthetic body treatments, the most advanced wellness treatments, wellness programs in the green of the park.

The main beach has a a tidy and colorful look thanks to its different colored umbrellas.
The beach offers all equipments and services for your holiday, from the classic “beach umbrella and chairs”, to the kiosks and bars, to playgrounds, to the thermal water park.